Saturday, July 16, 2005

it's 3pm Saturday. I am at Thunderhill racetrack in Willows, CA. it's over 100, projected to hit 107.

I ran 2 rounds of practice this morning, and have stopped, it is just too dang hot. Any riding I did now would not be practice, it would just be wearing out the tires and motor.

Tomorrow I am race #7, we are starting early, so I hope to race by 1pm, pack up, drain the remaining ice in my ice chest onto my crotch, then drive back to San Jose.

did I mention it is hot?

I am doing my lazy best to hang out in Chris Van Andel's Team Motion Pro trailer, or Phil Douglas' Aftershocks Fun Mover, Both air conditioned.

i do not know about tonight, it is gonna be hot and sweaty

Yes, I am drinkng lots of water & gatorade.

Yes, it makes me worry about moving back to Texas. I may not be man enough for this heat anymore.

that's all ya'll

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