Friday, July 29, 2005

my birthday went swell, thanks to all my pals for coming. warning photos may be graphic.

Today, I go to court at 1:30pst, to contest a traffic ticket received in November of 04. I am hoping for no officer, and dismissal.

Tomorrow, boating with Martin
Sunday, boating with Keith
Monday, working on the race bike
Tuesday, cleaning house
Wednesday packing

Thursday-Monday aug 8th, Loreto, Mexico, fishing with Dale

Aug 13-15ish is AFM Endurance race and sprint race. the photos from last sprint are up, Greg's are hilarous, he has a black shadow in every one.

I will try to figure out how to get to Texas aug 16-28? but tentative

Sept 2-5 RKA nor-cal Labor Day ride with Sara, Dale & Joan, Jack

Sept 10-11 AFM motorcycle race in Buttonwillow


THEN I start remembering to be alive and not committed to too much

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