Monday, July 25, 2005

wake up

wait to hear from boss. Don't hear from boss. Call boss. Yep, go into work to do performance review stuff. it takes a long time, we do not finish

Send Zack for lunch with my pal Elaine.

Boss says "lets do this tomorrow, you go"

Grab zack, go to wal mart, but some acne cleaning stuff for him

go to In and Out and get burger for me.

Go to Great Mall, get gift for Jack

Going home, stop at Dodge dealership to get parts that have been sitting there for a MONTH

hour later, 'while you wait" the parts are wrong parts

have discussion with Sara on phone about cake. I do not want cake. I want my princess Cake from Flames (last night), and do NOT want to share it.

Go home

write this

wait for party

so far? my 41st has been kinda so-so

the best part is all my pals who keep sending nice messages and phone mails. It is good to be alive. it is good to have freinds.

now I want a nap

Happy birthday, Charles! Drink one for me.

For your birthday, you went to a Walmart, the Great Mall, In and Out Burger, and a car dealership?

You should have been drunk all day kicking hookers in the TL and stealing cars.

PS: next year, remember, the birthday cake is for ME, not YOU. Stop being so selfish.
happy birthday, Charles. your birthdays are as mundane as mine. i never do anything special. tell me you at least did a fat wheelie on the XR.

i'm sorry i didn't show up for your pah-tay. i had a miserable day at work and needed to go home and sleep.
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