Thursday, August 18, 2005

For some reason this year, I thought it would be a good idea to put tomatoes into the raised bed in our back yard. Sara mulched and turned it last year, so I popped in a little more organic yumminess, turned it again, then planted and covered with wood chips. The air in SJ is very dry, and in the heat, the water evaporates too quickly.

I took some snaps of the garden last night

Fresno Peppers

Black Cherry Tomatoes (cherry tomatoes bred to have a dark purple color)

Normal Tomatoes

Green Zebras (light green with dark green stripes are ripe)
you can also see the purple basil poking up!

My pal Novella Carpenter, who writes for the Metro and works at Magical Gardens Nurseries in Bezerkley wrote and article about bikes and stuff, wanted to see the sprinter, and I got some wild tomatoes! These are organic and genetically bred by selection, not by engineering.

YAY cool foods

I've been cutting the tomato plants like Bonsai, pruning the non producing limbs, to give more nutrient to the producing limbs. There is somthing about earth and the smell of cut plants. MMMMM

WHY don't you say anything close to this when you talk to me, when you communicate with me? I've said it before and i'll say it again: If i didn't read your blog i wouldn't know 90% of the stuff that goes on with you. That is just sad. That is intolerable.
Even if it's intolerable, i am not leaving, alright already?!? I just need to work harder on getting what i want.
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