Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Paparazzi suck. I just read an article about Scarlet, who crashed her car when the photographers were chasing her. BOO HISS. I agree, there oughtta be a law. Even better, actresses should start slapping the camera men. I sure hate it when they stalk me. Except my approved photographers and press men.

So I made a quick trip to Longview over the weekend to visit my folks. It was a month after dinner for my mom, and a very wonderful Bed & Breakfast in Marshall, TX. If you want time away, I am gonna highly recommend the Roseville B&B. The McConnell's don't list it on their web site, but they also serve dinners, you need reservations.

Also saw a small part of the Austin crowd. Remember, this was a quick in and out trip, please don't be offended, I did not have a happy hour, or party or anything. I flew in, had dinner, slept drove 5 hrs to Longview, slept, drove 5 hrs back, had dinner again, slept, flew out.

My camera batteries died early on. Here is El Azteca visited for dinner,

James' Geo of Protest

snaps of James on one of Tim Miller's 305 Honda Scramblers.

James givin it a workout

Tim on Superhawk

Room full of Hawks.

The scrambler came with Snuff-Or-Nots, a cool 60's innovation to get around mufflers. I got all excited and just bought some of these on ebay. The are discs with a spring mounting them to a knob. You can turn the knob one way, and the pipes are quiet, then turn it 90 degrees and is loud. You know me. LOUD!

Right before I left, Joe and the Thomas Family and I went to Flip's Satellite Cafe (scroll to bottom) in Oak Hill. If it was closer to the beach, and the waitresses were a bit heavier, and the meat was not as delicious, this place could be sititng in Santa Cruz. It was great. I highly recommend it

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