Monday, August 29, 2005

Sherry has allowed me to use her text. We'll follow Katrina and find out how it goes.

First is her original from yesterday

I'm watching the CNN reports about the hurricane headed to New Orleans. When we were on our tour of the St. Louis cemetary and park, the tour guide described how one bad storm would flood and destroy the city, but the residents had always relied on "divine intervention." Looks like the gig is up. The National Weather Service's description of what will happen sounds like an old-school, old Testament smoting of the wicked.
I'm really glad that we all went a few months ago. We can tell people that we saw the real New Orleans and not the theme park version built to replace it.

Second is from this morning

This morning, ABC reported that the hurricane shifted slightly to the East. The eye will pass about 40 miles from downtown New Orleans. This may not be the Sodom & Gomorra smoting, but there is still a flood concern. The reporter was describing how the roof of the Superdome was leaking badly and that it was not designed or tested for this type of weather.
Perhaps divine intervention and/or the VooDoo Priestess Miriam will save the city afterall.

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