Wednesday, August 10, 2005

then to El Taste restaurant for a GINORMOUS Steak.
(Rich, MikeD, MikeI, Raul, Teddy, Dale, Alex, Alex)

Mike, Raul and Dale like it.

Charles & Teddy like it.

FIRST morning fishing. I am sick. Who knows, not seasick, just sick. There is a 4am knock on the door, we get up, have breakfast, and are on the boats headed out to buy mackrel at 5am for bait. Over to a part of the sea to fish for Humboldt squid. Then out to look for Dorado. We pass a fish, here is the sequence of events.

A) Do you see the fish? small fin sticking up?

B) Cano the pilot baits the hook and casts for the fish. Since I am a "Ranchero" and not a "Pescadero" He sets the hook.

C) I fight the sailfish and reel it in to the boat. This is difficult and takes time. I think it is the part guys pay a lot of money to do.

D) Cano lifts the sailfish into the boat. They are good smoked, but we let the pilots keep the sailfish. Interesting side note. You know the Blue Marlin you always see above someone's fireplace? They are almost all made of plastic nowadays. the Taxidermist takes the sword and the fins, tosses the rest of the fish, and puts the sword & fins on a plastic fish called a "fish mount". We did not do this. that is just silly.

E) The sailfish starts to fight a little, and Cano makes the first joke. He takes his small baton, lifts it over the fish, then in a stern voice says "SILENCIO!" and whacks it.

Dale caught a Dorado, the type we are really here fishing for.

We motor home around 1, for siesta.

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