Thursday, September 22, 2005

Flee my keester! The papers say Texans are Fleeing. I believe the smart ones are temporarily relocating, not due to Hurricane Rita, but due to the influx of Galvestonians to the mainland!

This just in from sister.


Charles Petrie called and said he's coming here this weekend. I'm assuming it's for ACL music fest. My phone garbled the last few digits of his number & I need to call him and tell him not to come.

Hurricane Rita is going to eat Galveston and will still be a Category 1 or 2 when it gets to Central Texas. This place is turning into SUCK TOWN pretty quickly. All the Hotels are booked with people from Houston and Galveston. They ain't leaving for the ACL people. The storm is supposed to make landfall really early Saturday morning but we will get winds and rain starting Friday night.

KVUE & Austin Energy are saying that power WILL go out. See: I ain't sticking around if there's no 'lectricity.

I've told the parents that if all hell breaks loose and no one can communicate with anyone this is my plan:
1. fill car with gas before storm hits
2. pack car with dog, lawyer, guns & money
4. head to East Texas via I-35 to Hwy 31 then home
5. Stop and loot the Collin street bakery

Well, I think she is silly for headed up IH 35. I'd take 79 through Taylor, and run out the back roads. But, I can understand wanting to Loot the collin street bakery. Oh, she's white, sorry, not "loot" its "find supplies"

Carlos - ahh better check the latest news! ACL is on Rita has gone North. Think that Tyler preacher may get what he wished for!
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