Friday, September 23, 2005

I just heard about this magazine lush life, and today's article about Thunderbird brings back memories. Memories I cannot relate here, as I fear retaliation.

But I was never a big T-bird drinker, I preferred Night Train, the choice of the Blues Brothers...

You'd think I would enjoy Cisco, as I work for company of same name, but no. no Canadian wines!

There were some stories about MD 20/20 an MG-Midget, (midget, not my sisters MG-B-Type) and someone else's girlfreind (who had Farrah Fawcett wings) during a football game; stories that we do NOT need to repeat here. Stories that occurred over Twenty FIVE Years ago. Do not drink MD 20/20

Anyhow, I think the weekend on the gulf coast should be spent with some cheap wine, an old shotgun, and good dvds. (the shotgun is in case of looters, not in case of depressing dvds)

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