Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I know, it is a rant I relive often, But, its because I'm constantly reminded.

Religion. God. Faith. Stupidity. I've
often given MY opinion of forced religion.

Wonderful kid sister emailed me this morning. There was a letter to the editor in todays "Longview Morning Journal" THE news from my home town.
Second letter in the link. A well meaning, upstanding community member once again would like to remind us to put our faith in God.

Well, actually, put our faith in HIS God. The almighty Christian God. Probably, ONLY the almighty Christian God who worships at the Oakland Heights Baptist Church on Judson Road in Longview, (Yeah, the one with a seperate youth auxiliary building and roller skating rink Wow look! Polarity, coming in concert! By the way, we support the Fellowship of Christian Atheletes, no Jews allowed).

None of those other heathen idol worshiper gods.

GOD, Mr. Jones tells us, used Hurricane Katrina to remind us he is here.

Well, Mr. Jones' first assumption is that God, (his god, actually) is a vengeful male god, tired of being neglected, left out of public buildings, and no longer prayed to (by force.) He (Mr. Jones, not his vengeful God who acts like a dumped boyfreind/stalker and sends hurricanes to wipe out the oil refineries) goes on to tell us that salvation of the planet can ONLY be obtained by returning to god (Mr. Jones' god) who created this country.

Well, as they say in North East Texas, "I'll be dipped in shit!" I had no clue that God was mad at us, and sent a hurricane to destroy the gulf coast. Home to many good baptists just like Mr. Jones, as a token of his anger. And this same God, he formed our country?

I always thought "our" country that was formed as a method of escaping the religious tyranny of the Church. The constitution, declaration of independance, seperation of church and state, freedom of religion, religious tolerance.... all that. Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the US of A, had all sorts of fun stuff to say about religion. (of course, after he said all that, he snuck off to have hisself a slice of some sweet brown sugar)

Well, this God formed our country for one reason. So Mr. Jones could support him. Just as he supports the mighty fighting Lobos at every friday night football game (the OTHER East Texas Religion).

NEWSFLASH Mr. Jones! GOD, or as it may sound more familiar to you "GAAAAWD" is completely dependant on faith and where you were born. There can be more than one.
And sometimes GAAWD Abandons you.

Had you been born in Pakistan, your God might be named Allah, and you might be Muslim. You may not even LIKE America, but you'd still be trained to respect others. Unless you were a fundamentalist whako, and blew folks up, hoping to recieve your many virgins in heaven.

If you were born in India, you may be Hindu, having MANY possible gods, (my favorite at the moment is Durga, Divine Mother, Slayer of Evil, Spouse of Lord Shiva) you, Mr. Jones, might be a little more humble and respectful of others.

However, on the off chance your Persian ancestors were persecuted around 650CE (that's 650 AD to you) you might be part of the
Zoroastrian escape to India. Imagine that.

We can't begin to imagine which god you would worship had you been born in China. (it's the largest country, you know? REALLY Big, Lots of people, lots of religion.) Confucian? Buddhist? Chinese Folk? Taoist? Who knows. But you'd still want your kids to have a good life.

The point here is to recognize there are a multitude of religions. Most seem to teach about the same thing: Be good to your fellow human. Help those in need. Don't randomly croak people. Don't take more than you need. Don't have sex with your neighbor's donkey.

The thing I find MOST amazing about fundamentalist Christians is the belief that THEIR God is correct, and everyone else is a fucking sinner doomed to spend eternity in hell.

Mr. Jones, there was a hurricane. It wiped out a good part of the Gulf Coast. Do something to help the folks there. Ask yourself this question while you are helping. "How can my God; a forgiving God, love me so much, ... yet hate everyone else in the world?" Then back off a little.

Keep your religion, your sexual preferences and your farts to yourself.

It's the best way to tread through this short life we are given.

(unless the fart will be hysterically funny, and NOT offend your significant other, in which case, let er rip!)

That sir, is the most beautiful statement I have read in a long damn time.
I feel I need to point out that there is a Zoroastrian temple on Mt. Hamilton.

Just because that's unusual. And I truly believe the thing that makes the Bay Area HOME is the sheer diversity that I don't believe exists in any other place in the world. Certainly not in this country, at least.
That statue is that of Shiva , not Durga
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