Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just found a snip out of the news, even in New Orleans, they understand. Mr. Edwards, I hope you find your way out, cause I don't think there is a home to return to.

"An old man in a chaise lounge lay dead in a grassy median as hungry babies wailed around him. Around the corner, an elderly woman lay dead in her wheelchair, covered up by a blanket, and another body lay beside her wrapped in a sheet.

"I don't treat my dog like that," 47-year-old Daniel Edwards said as he pointed at the woman in the wheelchair. "I buried my dog." He added: "You can do everything for other countries but you can't do nothing for your own people. You can go overseas with the military but you can't get them down here."

Just above the convention center on Interstate 10, commercial buses were lined up, going nowhere. The street outside the center, above the floodwaters, smelled of urine and feces, and was choked with dirty diapers, old bottles and garbage.

"They've been teasing us with buses for four days," Edwards said"
credit: ADAM NOSSITER, Associated Press Writer 9/1/05

Got email from my pal ChrisT, he works for Verizon and is currently in Mississippi, trying to get cell network back up and working there. I told him, New Orleans is full of voodou and dead bodies, water and crime. There ARE zombies, carry a gun or machete.

My thoughts and prayers are with the folks stuck in pain, homeless, and needing aid.

When the Tsunami hit, Americans sent millions in Aid. Why don't I hear about other countries sending aid to the south? US needs to wake up, stop tossing our funds overseas, and help the people at home. And we need to do it now.

here are some charity links, if you need a guide to who is best, it is here. and the KatrinaHelp Wiki is here

I'm not sayin give money, I am in favor of lobbying the government to spend 2 days less on Iraq, and handle the South US.

Do what we can, think good thoughts if nothing else

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