Wednesday, September 07, 2005

So Charles, what exactly DID you do over the long weekend?

Well, we took Friday off. Left the house, met Dale and Joan at 9am, and headed north on Hwy 620

Passed Walnut Creek, then turned off on Suisun Valley Road, did something that spit us out to Soda Canyon? then by Lake Henessey, Silverado trail, to something I do not remember, to ClearLake to Hwy 20. That's by Stonyford, where I did part of the SheetIron 300 rally a few years back.

From there, we took Hwy 20 all the way up to Willits, then across to Ft. Bragg.

North on 1 from Ft. Bragg to Leggett, where 1 intersects with 101.

North on 101 through Mill Falls, Eeel River, and into Fortuna.

Spent the night in Fortuna. Had dinner at the Eel River Brewing Company.

Saturday, woke up and rode out Hwy 36 to Red Bluff. Had lunch, turned around, and rode back to Fortuna.

Sunday, North on 101 to hwy 211 out to Ferndale. Stop for coffee for Jack.

South west on small roads to Honeydew, then over some dirt, and out to Shelter Cove. This is called the lost coast?

Wow, what a beautiful place, till developers ruin it.

From Shelter cove, we rode small roads back out to Hwy 101 south, back to Leggett. We stopped at Confusion Hill, cause, well, I like tourist traps. I got a rare Chip-a-lope. Yes, Chipalope

Down 1 to Ft. Bragg where we had dinner, and spent the night.

Monday morning, up and down Hwy 128 through Mendocino. I was totally baked, and did not think I had any more riding in me by this time. We crossed 101 in Cloverdale, and I actually considered turning right and buzzing down the highway, but did not. Went through Calistoga, and stopped in Yountville, where the VFD was having a bake sale and quilt raffle.

Then down 29 to Napa, where we stopped for lunch. there were lots of twistey windey roads, I am not sure of the name, so we wound through wine country, till we eventually hit 80/680 south, and on home.

It was long, fun and tiring.

Yay! Fort Bragg Super 8!
We came close to wimping out and getting a hotel. Would have been funny to run into you there!Actually, I'm surprised we DIDN'T.
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