Monday, September 12, 2005

went to the races this weekend. I thought it would be fun to bring my pal Britta, who has hot pants for my other pal ChrisV. We arrived friday night, and Chris had a surprised but happy look on his face. Then evil foreshadowing he said "damn, I am gonna crash this weekend"

sleep friday night

Saturday morning, up, tech, practice. I am chasing Chris, his bike has a fresh rebuild, and is wicked fast. It is difficult to keep him in sight for the first session.

Second session, he is going faster, I am really working to keep up. till the third lap in turn 2, I am flying around a corner, then I am on my ass, sliding toward the bike, which is sliding toward the dirt.

I think "hmmm, I could just pick it up and keep going, maybe no one will notice"

but the bike hits the dirt, and a GIANT dust cloud erupts.

I stop, pick up the bike, walk back to the pits. It will not restart, probably because it is flooded too much gas in the carb.

back in the pits, I discover I have pulled my right side groin a little, it is sore, but I am okay. Get the bike cleaned up, get it started, decide to practice more.

third session, Chris runs off and hides he is so fast. I am very nervous in turn 2, but okay, I am fast enough elsewhere. I catch up to my pal Gwyn Lewis, and chase her around for the rest of the sesson.

Come into the pits, and Chris is out on his big 600. Big cloud of dust at turn one, one of the fast turns, and he is down. Britta and I hop on the pit bike, rush to the fence, and see him sitting up by the ambulance. Alive, but obviously hurt.

We don't know how bad, but head to the truck, as the crash truck is bringing his bike in. It is totalled. gas tank crushed, seat mounts broken, bent swingarm, bent subframe, shattered bodywork, ugh. I cannot fix this by Sunday.

The ambulance brings Chris. his left arm is definitely broken. just below the elbow.

We put him in Cindy Creech's truck, she drives Chris & Britta to Kern Co Hospital in Bakersfield. I put the broken bike in the back of Chris' giant motorhome.

I practice one more session, and am hot, making mistakes, and decide to stop.

we call back and forth, he is finally released around 8pm. Cindy drives me back, we pick them up at the hospital. ugh, ghetto hospital supreme.

Chris x-rays show a major break, both bones just below the elbow, with about 1/4" gap between them. his left collarbone is seperated at the outside, and a few ribs are cracked.

get pain meds, back to the track, dope him up and he sleeps overnight in the motorhome.

I race Sunday, totally no confidence in turn 2. Greg beats me, oh well, we pack up

Britta drives the Sprinter, I drive the motorhome. 10 speed. about 2 inches either side of the lane. big, loud, hard to drive.

back up to his work, where we drop the motorhome, then to his house, have a little bite to eat, then britta and I drive to my house, where her truck is. she drives home.

Monday. I am sore, and tired, it hurts to walk. All my bones feel 'stretched'.

Sara wants to go on the Monday Night Ride tonight, I will be slow and deliberate.

i want to sleep the rest of the week.

Chris is waiting for Kaiser Permanente, his health plan, to call him back, so he can schedule some surgery to have his arm fixed. This is yet another example of why I do not want Kaiser. they have given him a total runaround.

anyhow, everyone's alive, dusty and tired. I need a nap.


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