Thursday, October 13, 2005

damn near kilt

Fortunately, I played video games as a teenager, and have very fast reflexes

so the lady cutting left in front of me did not have the opportunity to kill me. Matter of fact, she did not stop, and did not stop talking on her cell phone.

Sancho and I rode away un scathed.

oddly, as I was skidding and locking the front wheel, (mini stoppie, thanks very much) thinking I MAY hit her, you know what I was thinking?

A) Damn, that spreadsheet is not finished.
B) this bottle of Hendriks Gin Hopprich got me is gonna go everywhere
C) Not a freakin asian woman in a car! It's too cliche....

next stoplight 2 harleys that were behind me pulled up. Said "cant live with 'em, can't kill 'em"
I think they were talking about stupid drivers, but I am not sure.

I replied "good thing I have fast reflexes and a sense of well being....."

if you are driving a car, PAY FUCKING ATTENTION. DO NOT TURN LEFT, while talking on your cell phone.

I thought briefly about turning around and showing her the error of her ways, then I realized, it's be one more chance for her to hit me. So I went home

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