Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Falling Down

If you ride a motorcycle, the question is not "if" but "when" you will take a spill. The more years and miles you put in, the more the odds stack up. You can affect the odds, you ride attentively, you buy the best gear. That's what this post is about. Buying the best gear you can.

When I first started riding, the best gear I could buy was a $30 helmet, a denim jacket and some leather farm work gloves. The more you ride, the more ways you find to divert money into better gear. If you race, you buy the best you can find.

Last week I took a street spill. Hit an oil patch and went down at about 35mph. Classic newbie low-side mistake. My Ducati can be repaired. The scrapes on my arm will heal. I was wearing a brand new Lookwell Motion Jacket. Some of it came apart. Not in the way you would expect in a 35mph crash.

Now we get to the part that separates good gear from really great gear:
Customer support. Will they work with me to replace the jacket?

When you buy a $100 Frank Thomas(tm) Jacket, you expect it to last about a year, and disintegrate the first time it hits pavement.

When you buy a $400 Aerostich(tm) Jacket, you expect it to last 5 years and 300,000 miles. It should be capable of a 90mph get off with some scuffs. And you know Aerostich(tm) will repair it for a set rate.

I bought a jacket from a company that has been around a long time. But is new to the US market. It mostly protected me in a crash. I did not break any bones, I only had a little friction burn from sliding. The jacket took some damage. How will the work to support me? Will they help repair the jacket?

Lookwell USA is working with me to replace the jacket. They understand happy customers refer other customers. What is the difference between a $100 jacket and a $500 jacket? Quality of build and customer support.

I am sad I crashed my Ducati, I am happy I bought a Lookwell Jacket. They are standing behind me and working to get me back into another jacket. That's worth the premium price. I can fully endorse Lookwell. Next year, when it is time for new racing leaters, I will consider their leather line too.

Thanks. And if you are interested, you can find their products at: http://www.lookwellusa.com/

Charles Statman

Crap website from my machine. IE explorer v6.

Besides Vanson and Aerostitch are the only things worth wearing really. Yea I know, I got the Joe Rocket vented thingy for freaking hot Texas summers, but it is disposable.
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