Wednesday, October 05, 2005

hooligan tackle: motorcycle that drives a normal rider to ride in a hooliganistic fashion, reeling in his share of notices from officers of the law.

Ducati Monster Chromo: A very good looking bike

As you know, I love motorcycles. they are my passion, my calling, and will, ultimately, be my downfall. But I KNOW this, so that's a plus.

Years back, Joe the Redheaded Menace told me "you buy a new car every year, you have a new car. You drive a used car, and you can drive a bunch of used bikes too" the Logic is there

Bikes are like shoes. There is not one that will do everything. If you have the space (which we do not) you should own what you like

Well, My XR650 Dual sport has been working as my roadracer. I want to turn it back to a desert bike, that goes on the road infrequently, between desert rides.

My Honda ST1100 is a great sport touring bike. But it is big, heavy, and difficult to ride in the tight roads. It is meant to ride to, say, Colorado. Not to the corner grocery.

My Harley is currently in the shop. It is simply my addiction. I live the sound, feel, and American-ness of it.

The little Honda 175 I used to roadrace is converting back to a street/scrambler, but is not really more than a toy.

And my Royal Enfield? Well, it IS an Indian copy of a British Motorcycle. Very Classic. Very unreliable.

So my dear pal Dale is shuffling through HIS collection, and decides his Monster needs to go. I just sold my sidecar, and decide the Monster needs to come visit me for a few years.

He let me ride it last summer, and it's been one of those creeping thoughts in the back of my head. I like the way it feels, I like the way it looks. Ducati makes a beautiful bike. It satisfies my desire for a twin cylinder bike. For an Italian Bike. For an artistic, beautiful bike. For a loud bike. For a small bike. For a bike that handles well. For a dry clutch bike. For a classic 'cafe' look. and mostly, it makes me go "ooohhhh Ahhhhhh" every time I look at it.

It is quick on the street, small, narrow, easy to ride, powerful, and shiney. I like it very much. I am trying to decide if I like it enough to sell somehting else. Will see where it all goes.

that's the news from the Valley, where the men are pudgy, the women are smart, and the children are asian.

You MUST buy the beautiful Monster. I will personally help you with a shake down ride when it arrives. I will take it and ride it as if it was my own until I am satisfied it is safe and can be given back to you. :o) All this at no charge. I will do it purely out of my love for you. Kisses!
Just convert your "living room" into a garage extension. Motorcycles are life, after all.

Oh, and dump the Bullet.
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