Thursday, October 20, 2005

I still like Ninjas.

This year, Sara will not be wearing her last minute costume, a Kimono. She has already been shopping, and has the components for a great costume.

She nixed my initial idea. A box over my head, wrapped in aluminium foil, with 2 holes cut out in the front, and a sign that says "free breast exams". no, I do know Breast Cancer is very serious.

well, ya know, she IS smarter than me and all....

and she is not too thrilled with my #2 choice. I want to be a ninja. I was a ninja last year, she says. But I do not really remember that far back. I may have been. But I do not remember.

If I can't be a breast exam machine, I want to be a ninja.

Although I don't think ninjas get to look at boobies.

Support Breast Cancer Research. Especially if you live in the SF Bay Area, one of the worst cancer per capita places in the US.

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