Wednesday, October 12, 2005

running hurts. I am sore

My pal Phil is willing to help me with this whole Desert Racing Motorcycles stupidity I am onto. Roadracing is great (on a closed circuit course) but the local club is overwhelmed with red tape and rules. I want to learn to race in the desert. the California/Mexico/Nevada desert, which you can live in. Not the Texas desert which could kill you just for thinking about.

Anyhow, Phil says Dec 2 is the first race for me. In Henderson, NV. He phoned me Monday evening to discuss it.

So? Sounds great, right?

Well, as everyone knows, I am fat. Fat and out of shape. I eat crap, and lay around on my big fat ass, watching my belly grow.

You can not do this and ride motorcycles in the desert. You must be in better shape. Mike "Mouse" McCoy rode the Baja1000 Ironman. That means 1000 miles through the desert, by HIMSELF! He is not a fat-body. I must not be a fat-body. NO MORE JELLY DOUGHNUTS!

That combined with living with a wonderful woman, who eats well, and excercises. And reading Morgan Spurlock's "Dont Eat This Book" about how bad preserved and fast food is for a sedentary lifestyle,,,,,,

well, I get up Tuesday morning, and I stretch. a few knee bends, some side to side, some "head-shoulder-knees-and-toes, knees-and-toes" a few sit ups, some push ups. Go outside and lift weights on the bench. then I try to run.

I'll just go for a wee quick jog around the block to get the blood flowing? Right-o.

2 houses.

I ran TWO freakin houses away from mine, and was gasping for air like a large mouth bass someone just pulled out of Lake Murvaul by the old boy scout camp where I spent a few summers as a kid.

uuuuunnnnhhhhhhh---- uuuuunnnnhhhhhh Oh MY God. Oh My GOD, this is killing me.

but I am thick headed, and not gonna give up, ya? so I walk, 3 houses. then I run 2 houses, then walk 2 houses, then run 3 houses.... etc.. around the neighborhood.

when I get home, I can barely breathe, and my calves are on fire, and my hair hurts.

I am a big flabby crap monster. I will repeat this every morning. I WILL not quit.

Wednesday morning! I only walk in front of 7 houses. I run the rest. Well, run, very fast walk, shuffle at speed, whatever you want to call it, it is difficult and it hurts. I will NOT stop.

Pay attention brain. Eat smaller portions of helathier food. Lift weights. Drink more water. Think about what you are doing.

Okay. On the path, will try to keep it going.

I am at work. My legs are killing me, and it hurts to think. But I know, I am burning out the slovenliness. I will not be a fat bastard!

doood. skip running -- it's bad for your knees. you'll eventually have yet another excuse for not exercising.

our ancestors ran for one reason -- to get away from predators. and to catch babes.

walk instead. think like an early homo sapian. walk, walk, walk, forage, eat. walk more, forage, eat. maybe kill the occasional deer. lots more walking.

so, walk an hour a day, or if you get bored of that, bike somewhere. it doesn't have to be difficult, but long enough to go to fat-burn mode (20+ minutes at elevated heart rate). that's it. and time. and not eating fatty snax.
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