Monday, October 10, 2005


I don't think I have had a 'male' motorcycle before. they are usually female or objects. However, the Ducati is full to the brim with testosterone. If any motorcycle has balls, it's this one.

my initial thought was "mi poquito caballa" My little pony!

Sherry-baby suggested it. that's too gay. think Sancho.

Makes sense. Sancho is the cheater. The womanizer. The phantom male all hispanic women run off with.

"If I can find my wife, I know she is out with that Sancho"

well, this bike begs to go fast, do wheelies, cheat at cards and steal women.


shiny and flash. Sancho

Sancho tells me to buy some black and white creepers, get all skinnied up, slick my hair back, and smoke big fat ceegars, while sipping mojitos.

Sadly, Sancho also tells me to go very fast. That I CAN fit through those two cars, and that the black and white ahead is not really a cop, gun it.

Sancho is bad. very bad.

thanks Sherry!

Carlos - small horse is "caballito" the proper word is "potrillo" - colt.

The corridos use words like "Prieto Savage", "El Moro" all based on the color of the horse.

Actually Sancho - es medio joton, it means "tame".

My vote goes for "El Huracan de Tejas".

"Are you Sancho? No you are not. Neither is Scott Baio Sancho. Frank Gifford is not Sancho. But I... am Sancho." - Orgazmo

Awesome :)
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