Thursday, October 06, 2005

this hilarious video just in from my pal Vipul.

The Winchester Mystery House Blog! with photos of off-limits areas!

I may have to move to Arizona. they don't put up with any stupidity I knew about ther wonderful sheriff Arpaio, who does not put up with stupidity. His homeland security stance? Be prepared, Don't be afraid! Criminals? Belong in Tent City Jails. Not hotels with HBO. They wear stripes, they do their own laundry.

And? they are hiring!

BUT? it is hot, and there are not many twistey windey motorcycle roads.....

That bomb threat/robbery story is hilarious! My favorite quote: "They recognized him by the tape on his mouth..." Har har har!

Make sure to check out the image of the suspect getting his mouth checked for explosives by a robot!
Charles- You neglected to mention that the Maricopa jail not only makes the inmates wear striped uniforms, but they also get PINK underpants. Apparently, this prevents them from stealing their britches upon release.
eeeew. Used underwear. It's enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.
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