Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Took Sara racin last weekend. She had fun

I am supposed to go race AFM at Buttonwillow this weekend. I am thinking of driving down VERY early Sunday morning, race, and drive home

So I did NOT go running this morning. I did stretch, but thought I should give my muscles a day off.

I am not quitting, I will be running tomorrow.

You know what I think about when I try to run? I think about my Uncle Irving. He walks to keep his diabetes in control. I think about my dad, who goes to the gym.

And I think, those guys are MUCH older than I am, and they are in better shape. I must get on the ball, and get myself healthier.

So I am doin it. Lift weights, stretch, try to run, eat smaller portions, eat less junk.

I will race in the desert, but my body gotta be in better shape before that. YAY

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