Monday, October 31, 2005

Why my pal Joe is one of the coolest humans I know:

He started working on a project, that led to the need to repair a tool, that he did. Joe can do anything, I am positive of this.

His text follows:

OK, so at 11:30 pm I decide to go down to the shop to finish a
little machine project drilling holes in my new rotary table
chuck. 20 minutes including cleanup... No too bad.

Then, when putting my regular drill chuck back in the old
Taiwanese mill I noticed that under load, the quill(downfeed
like a drill press) is notchy and can jam under load. I
feed it all the way down,and for the first time notice that
two of the teeth are busted off and missing.

One thing led to another and it is now fixed and 4:25 in the am.

First I disassembled the entire mill head assy. I then
ground the two areas down to fresh metal and TIG welded
some new metal in.

I then took apart the rotating assy/bearings and put them
in the parts washer. I fit the newly welded piece in the
small lathe by using the inverted jaws in the small chuck.

Then, by leaving the upper bearing in the quill and using
the tapered face of the drill chuck in the tail stock fitted
into the bearing race I was able to support the tail end.

I then cut the welds as close as I could get them. The rest
was done with a grinder and big mill file.

The whole time all I could think of was my grandpa hand
filing the repair of the entire leadscrew on the old Atlas
lathe in my dad's basement.

I am going to bed.

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