Thursday, November 03, 2005

google silliness:

Larissa sends me this:
go to the google search engine and type in your name and put needs after it.
ex: "John needs" --- make sure that its in quotes though!

So I put it in. "Charles needs"

what does it return?

Charles Needs a Change of Pants!


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The Cupcake Needs A Loving, Playful Home
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Julia needs to learn to let go.
Julia needs to find something to sell, give away, throw out or burn.
Julia needs to let go of old stuff, literally, figuratively, and most of all, psychologically.
Julia Needs An Ass Woopin'.
Julia needs a bad boy, not a saint!
Julia needs an adoptive family who will love her unconditionally.
Julia needs to prove that she is not gay in order to adopt her baby.
Julia needs to set her on fire, both at home and on stage.
Julia needs to worry about leaving a legacy.
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