Friday, November 04, 2005

Interesting Morning so far.

I woke up for my walk, tried to run it a little. Performed my morning absolutions. Put the front wheel for Sara's TTR-125 in the truck (I'll be stopping by Ken's later today to swap tires for Sara). And drove on in.

With the Ipod, I make a choice every morning. Do I listen to commercial free music of my choosing? Or do I listen to Public Radio, and get some news? Today, thankfully, I chose NPR.

There was a news article on one of my childhood hero's new book. Jimmy Carter has just published a book titled "Our Endangered Values, America's Moral Crisis".

Now I know, you are probably thinking "Charles! STOP! Moral values? From a self-proclaimed Georgia Born-Again Baptist! YOU are listening to this????" We all know how I feel about the religious right.

Well, Yes. And let me tell you why! President Carter was probably the last great statesman we had leading our country. He tried very hard to do what was right for ALL the citizens of the United States. It's probably why his term was percieved (at the time) as a failure.

He was not working for personal fame. Not working for re-election. He was (and still IS) working to make the country a better place.

So I am listening to this interview on NPR, and I almost drive off the road.

President Carter is explaining the difference between religion and fanatacism. Beautifully.

"A fundamentalist believes I am uniquely related to God. My own opinions are derived from heaven, and they must be, therefore, right. And anyone who disagrees with me by definition is wrong. Because I speak for God, and therefore I must be right."

The beauty of this explanation is that he continues to tie it to the fact that if these beliefs are modified, then they are violating their faith. And to accomodate the opinions of others is improper.

Negotiation, mediation, compromise? Nope!

This is openly taking place in politics. From self proclaimed Christians.

So President Carter, a born again baptist, who split with the Southern Convention of Baptists, is explaining why this rigid structure is stopping the political process.

And WHY, as a nation, we are willing to go to war, when we should consider diplomacy first.

And why the Democratic party is not able to launch a viable candidate.

I swear, I nearly drove off the damn road shouting agreement. And My opinion of President Carter has not changed one bit. He is a great statesman, the kind we need more of.

True, he may have bungled the Iran Hostage Crisis. But compared to the total shitstorm we have in Iraq now?

It makes me want to pray.

Oh Lord, (not just my Lord, but the Christian Lord, the Hindu Lord, the Islamic Lord....) Bring us a statesman. Help us rise to the challenge, and do what is right for the people of our country, ALL the people of our country. And our world.


and in contrast, some GWB Humor from the Onion!

Ooooh, I'm so topical today!
you mentioned iPods and you mentioned democracy.

There are some *really* interesting podcast thingies from the Stanford "aurora forum" to be found here:
for FREE. Really interesting.

In particular: Democracy and Dissent, and the interview with Joycelyn Elders. I strongly recommend!
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