Monday, November 07, 2005

So about two years back, I am reading an article in the Longview Morning Journal. The Newspaper from my hometown.

As memory serves, a young wife got mad at her husband, drove the 60 or so miles to Shreveport, Louisiana, and was gettin likkered up (or as we say in North East Texas, shellacked!) with some dude. Husband phones wife on cell phone. Threatens her. You come home or I'm gonna burn the trailer-house to the ground. To the axles?

She doesn't. He Does.

I explain to Sara, Shreveport is where North East Texans go to make big trouble.

I can still remember driving over there to whup it up at "Cowboys" honky tonk, which had a mirrored ball shaped like a saddle. Actually, it was in Bossier City, next to Shreveport. Folks go missing from there all the time. They also get busted for embezzlement, Shot, sell dope, threaten girlfreinds, did I mention shot? .

Anyhow, last week, a Texas Death Row Inmate walked off death row, past three guards, and out of the prison. Radio interviews painted the picture of an intelligent man smuggling some civilian clothes out of a hearing, getting a forged ID badge, somehow slipping out of handcuffs, then walking through 3 checkpoints, telling the guards he was with the Houston DA office.


Then what did he do?

Went to Shreveport and got shellacked!

I'd told Sara about the prison break on Friday night. He was caught last night, I read about it this morning. Told Sara. "They caught the escaped prisoner. Where do Texans go to make trouble" and she giggled, "SHREVEPORT!"

Yes, I need a trip to Shreveport, just to see if Cowboys is still in business.

Shreveport. Full of Sloe Gin & Fast Women.

On second thought, maybe I don't need to go there.

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