Tuesday, November 15, 2005

so we went for a ride on Sunday, it was very good for me. I think Sara had fun too.

There is some news from her, but she gotta tell it, not me.

Holidays are coming, and what does that mean? Everyone wants us to come visit, and plane fares are insane. I do not know what will happen, nor, today, will I worry about it.


My mind is troubled. As everyone knows, I have issues with fundamentalists, i dislike reality shows. But I saw this clip, and had to watch the show.

There is a reality show, "Trading Spouses" where I assume they don't actually TRADE wives, I think they just move in to the other house for a week, and live AS the mom. But I don't know, who knows what the hell is on TeeVee.

FOR THE RECORD: I have a hard enough time making peace with one woman, I sure as hell am not gonna mess with that equation and have to try to make peace with TWO wimmen. Charles Says: Wife Swapping = Bad News!

Anyhow, I see this clip of Margurite Perrin, who is a self proclaimed God Warrior. And, if I may say, possibly a little over-zealous. The best clip I found of her total breakdown is here.

Of course, after this teaser, I had to watch the show. Sara got all huffy and mad at me, she cannot stand tee-vee, and DUMB tee-vee pisses her off even more. So she stomped into her office, and logged onto the net and worked. Or answered emails. or did something. I dunno. But for 50 minutes I was totally enthralled.

The spouse trade was a new england new age mom, oddly, from Boxborough, where I have a lab, and direct reports (Hi Brian) but never met these folks. And the Perrins, from well, back-ass Louisiana.

The new age mom was all nice, and took the shy daughter shopping, tried to be nice to the overbearing older daughter, etc. etc.

The God Warrior made the hippie family go to church. And would not listen to anything they had to say. She was preparing for Spiritual Warfare. Why do fundamentalists like war so much? WAR!

At the end of the show, the moms meet. and they write out instructions for how some sum of money is to be divided among the other family. I don't know, it's tee vee, for cryin out loud.

However, in the clip where Mrs. Perrin goes ape shit bonkers, she is rippin up the envelope from the new age mom giving her money for gastric Y Bypass, cause it is ungodly. The whole thing is totally whacked, and I have been fighting to get it out of my mind.

This is the thing that moves to temporary cult status, of course. She has a remix/rap song, and, an eBay auction, Tian has learned about her, Tons of blog entries, now including mine.

All voices say the same thing. it is just embarrasing and disturbing. Fox knew they had gold with it, so of course they played it up.

Anyhow, I am still disturbed. Maybe I am DarkSided?

Finally, I find the answers I need, and a little mental relief, here. Thanks Michael K. Cutting through the hype. It is not just me. Others see the same thing. He had the sack to call her up and talk.

i am disturbed. I need a beer.

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