Tuesday, November 15, 2005

two in one day! Yes, TWO

I was looking for a web definition of the word "chalushes" one of my pop's oft used terms when growing up

Nauseating mess, so far, is the closest translation. I think he used it more as "turned to crap"

We were driving to Dallas, passing through that pissant town Terrel, when a cop saw our speeding family wagon, and it was chalushes for us!"

So I am trying to spell it Halushes? Chalushish? I dunno. and I trip over brilliance:

A web guide for the perplexed!
"You will find that there is a lot of variation of how pages look when you change from one Browser to another. Since what looks delicious under one Browser is a Chalushes under another one, having two of them can help you avoid having your Site look like a Chazzershtafl."

Yiddish Dictionary
Chalushes (khal-ush-ess) Nausea or a feeling of sickness. Also, nauseating. "Did you see that dress she was wearing?! It was positively chalushes!"

More meeskite Web Log
Next time you see a Modern Orthodox fellow pulling his hair out at the Banana Republic searching for an elusive find, but scoring only the most chalushes of garments, laugh out loud. You know better.

Some Swears
(warning has those annoying sidebar links to sex and perversion, may be NSFW)

a translating dictionary for $50! Are they insane!!

and nothing about that pissant town of Terrell, Texas!

oy, chalushes!

Or with a North East Texas Accent:
oy, chalushes, ya'll!

Kinky for Governor!

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