Thursday, December 08, 2005

Everything old is new again!

So my dad had a shoebox full of old 8mm & Super8mm movies, you know, the embarrasing ones when I was a kid crawling around with a diaper in my mouth, etc.

As a hobby/business, Sara's dad is converting old movies to DVD.

Hmmm! this is such a brilliant idea.

So the dad's are in concert now, and soon enough, my mom will be able to email embarrasing video clips of me to everyone in the internet world.....

Now all this got me to thinking. There must me a HUGE market for people wanting to convert their ultra rare collection of 78's from vinyl to CD/Mp3.

With a little research, I found many people ARE doing this. But really, I want MY albumns converted. And I found a website that details exactly how to do this. If you have a PeeCee. (sorry, no mac instructions)

I think I may be on my way to a Radio Shack to get the adapter cables. I have a 78-speed record player, as well as a quality 33/45 player.

Maybe I should do this, when I have time.

Maybe someone should offer it as a business.

and if anyone using Blogger knows how to make the word verification turn off, I would not mind a hint....

On the settings tab at the blogger dashboard: under the "comments" tab: " Show word verification for comments?" set it to NO.
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