Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A family member is about to have a trip to an endrocrinologist. It reminded me of a childhood story, related here, in snippets.

I was 8 or 9 I think, and definitely the shortest guy in my class. My dad is like, 6'2", so we wondered if something was not right with me. We were in North East Texas, where the 8th grade football team has 6'4" 240 lb players. And so, we agreed to drive to Dallas and visit the endroc.

for growth in kids? LOTS AND LOTS of blood samples, measurement, timed radiation tests, etc.... blood marrow, spinal fluid.

for a scrawny kid who hated needles, this was torture. they actually had to strap me into the chair. HELL, they had a chair that had straps on it! to draw fluids.

They gave me some drugs that caused me to barf up anything in my guts.

They poked and prodded, needled and examined.

This was an ALL-DAY thing.

We took a break for lunch. Dad told me I could have anything I wanted, which, (remember, I was 7 or 8) was ? Burger King. I wanted a whopper, fries AND onion rings, and a large orange soda.

None of which made it out of the restaurant with me. The drugs caused me to barf them right up. And again in my dad's car

As we drove back to the endrocrinologists office, i remember offering all sorts of deals to my dad if we did not have to go back. He told me we made a committment, we would finish today, be strong, and see what they had to say.

More needles, actually, I do not remember most of the afternoon. I blanked a lot of the blood draws out of my mind. I remember crying and screaming, and lots of pain.

I remember screaming, SCREAMING at the TOP of my lungs "daddy, don't let the mean man hurt me anymore. Daddy I love you. I will be a good boy. Make him stop."

When we left, dad took me to some restaurant, I cannot remember which, and bought me a ginormous ice cream sunday something that I wanted.

It came up in the parking lot. and in his car.

We drove home to Longview, and decided I did not want to take the injections neccesarry to stimulate my growth. The doctor told my folks I would be a normal kid. I'm not as tall as my dad, or my kid brother Louis. Louis was always gonna be tall. He was tall as a kid, and kept it on till adult. I think he is still growing.

(old photo, maybe 1989)

Years later, i can recall the pain, the screaming, and the love of my father, to endure watching his son go through this, because they all thought it could benefit me. My dad was sitting in a room listening to me yell all these things, he knew I was in pain, but he was hoping science would help me be tall. And that was what I wanted.

My dad loves me. He's a great dad.

I won't go back to an endrocrinologist. nope. bad memory there.

I'm 5'6" and I think I am actually shrinking. every year I get a little rounder, a little balder, I look more and more like my maternal grandfather. Grandpa Saul was a stylish guy. I am okay with that.

I'll never be 6'+ Blonde hair and Blue eyes, like I always wanted when I was growing up.

And ya know what?

I am pretty gosh-dang happy.

Very cool, I really enjoyed this read :). Ofcourse I enjoy all of them... :P
Very cool, I really enjoyed this read :). Ofcourse I enjoy all of them... :P
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