Monday, December 19, 2005

International Motorcycle Show. Happens every year. Rains every year. This was the first time it was in downtown San Jose, so the commute was quick.

I've been to too many of these, and become jaded. All the manufacturers bring the new year model bikes out, and they all kinda look the same. There just was not that much I liked

Motards are definitely coming in. But, I am interested in dirt.

Johnny Campbell's Baja 1000 winner was there.

Sara sat on the Honda XR650L - a watered down street legal version. Meh. just not wonderful

We saw the new Aprilla Motard. Very expensive, and not street legal till 2008

Sara sat on a Husquevarna she kinda liked, but pronounced the seat as 'no'

She also sat on the Ducati MultiStrada, which we both like very much. Too bad it is so expensive. She questioned if she just refused to get off the bike, would they let her take it home? They didn't.

We ran into Jack at the BOSS stunt show. The Landers brothers used to race YSR50 motorcycles with me a million years ago in Texas. Now they are all growed up and doing stunt shows. It was cool to watch, but the venue was not the best. If you were short (like me) you missed a lot of it

Afterwards we stopped by the Motion Pro booth and visited my pal Chris Van Andel. I think Jack got some photos, but they are not up yet.

I like the camo on this CRF 450

Then we went to the bar. The Convention Center, and the super stupid expensive tent are attached to the Hilton and Mariott hotels. We stopped in the Hilton Bar/Restaurant, where Sonia was our waitress. Poor girl, second day on the job, and she did not understand how to do it.

After much effort, we got some food and drinks. Ate, talked smack with Jack, Joan, Dale, Linda and Rob (not Robert)

Got home, answered emails about the possible sale of the mighty festiva.

We watched the Simpsons, sat around a bit and went to bed. I was not feeling tops, my stomach was a bit gurgley. At 2am, exactly. I don't mean 2:04 I don't mean 1:57, at dead up 2:00am, I sat bolt upright, and realized I had food poisioning.

Ran to the bathroom, and releated most every chemo scene I could remember. Barf barf, poop poop, ack, both at once.

It was gross, and I don't mind saying, the whole time I was thinking "Hamburger at the Hilton" "that bitch Paris poisioned me!"

i believe I completely unloaded the contents of my stomach by 2:30-ish, got some water (gotta rehydrate) and went back to bed.

I have not eaten this morning, but I am drinking lots of water and juice. My guts feel all gurgley, and if I did not have to meet this guy who wants to buy Sara's car? I would go home.


Sara is looking particularly hot sitting astride that Aprilla Motard.
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