Friday, December 30, 2005

My pal Julia invited us over for a holiday dinner a few nights ago. It was deelicious. Her pal Derek was there, his mom bought him a totally cool watch.

It was on Ebay, of course: SwissPlay watch, $300. but the description is pretty cool. turns out it is a "Hi-Fashion" watch. I'd have never known.

After becoming insanely jealous over Derek's bling watch, I decided to look for a more bling watch. and found it.

but I am not sure I am cool enough to pull it off.... I know, spinners are played, but.... if I had a Pimp Cup to go with it...

I could chill at the crib, kickin back 40s out my pimp cup, listening to Three 6 Mafia? Of course I'd be smackin my beeyotches around... like, how cool would that be?

Well, if you changed:
"Crib" to "3/2 suburban ranch"
"40s" to "Shiner Beer"
"pimp cup" to "ice-cold bottle"
"3-6 Mafia" to "Dwight Yoakum"
"smackin" to "being all nice and listening"
"my beeyotches" to "my girlfreind Sara"


I am not cool enough for an iced out spinner watch OR a SwissPlay watch. I better stick to the clock on my cell phone, listening to rockabilly on my 8-track, and hangin out at the ranch.


I'm actually in the market for a new watch. Usually I grab something off the $10 rack at Wal-Mart, but I now have an overpowering NEED for a spinner watch! The dial is as wide as my little wrist, but who cares?!

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