Tuesday, December 06, 2005

perfect gift auction for the guy who has everything.

DO NOT buy this for me, please.

UPDATE: I mention this to some of my pals, and they each say "I'm in."

10 guys, $10 k each. hmmm

We need:
a heeb Accountant as one of the investors, to initially look at the financials (Steve?)
a heeb attorney because, well, everyone needs some of those, crap, but where?
someone who knows film... (Chris to the white courtesy phone please)
someone big. Cause you always need a big guy. (Jack?)
OH, a british Accent? Martin!
Someone who knows porn star chicks. Creech?

crap, I gotta go send some emails

How dare you leave me out of this???

And I thought you were my friend.

Someone needs to take stills you fool.
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