Sunday, December 11, 2005

rode the XR650 at Metcalf yesterday, very fun, but I am super tired and sore. SUPER.

Sara and I went to see "Walk the Line" last night. swell flick.

today? we head up to James & Tara's for her birthday, then across skyline to my pal Vicky's to dispose of some vintage computers for her.

next week, I hope the mood still holds, and I will start clearing junk out of my garage

a freind of mine in Austin has lost almost everyhting. Motivation and drive being first and foremost. He is living in a van, no, not down by the river, .... yet. But close

He called last week, the storage place was gonna sell off all his stuff, he has no money, etc. etc. I called and put half the storage bill on my credit card. NO, I don't have money to toss around, but it is your friends, whadda ya do? You help them.

It reminded me of something I always say. Friends are the most important thing you have.

DO what you can to help them.

I hope he finds his motivation in the storage place, so he gets everyhting back on track.

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