Monday, December 26, 2005

Sara and I had holiday presents. Her folks sent a box of goodies. My pal Vicky sent some goodies. Freinds have been sending goodies

We opened goodies yesterday. It was grand, thanks to all, and so on.

One of the gifts Sara got me is a new dirtbike gear bag. The hope is to have 1 bag that will allow you to carry boots, helmets, gloves, tools, goggles, chest protectors, etc. etc. all the gear for YOU. It should be in a big bag, so you don't have to make 15 different trips to load your gear.

This is what Sara got me.

Ya know, your luggage SHOULD be big enough for you to fit in.

I also bought a used Yamaha Chappy. Like my pal IMD in Austin has. It needs footpegs, some rear brake parts, but I got it running today, and put the required flat track bars on it. whee!

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