Saturday, December 31, 2005

So Ken Armann, my brit bike restoration guy, is also a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. He has showed me many new possible remedies.

One of the guys I work with asked for a listing, as I was building the email, I thought, Heck, put it on the blog.

The name will have a link to info about it, Then I put a brief description of what I know

Lo Han Kuo Beverage
: I melt 1 cube in hot water every morning and drink as tea. It works very well at clearing out nasal congestion, and makes breathing easier. I do not know why.

Haw Flakes: these work very well to calm the stomach. More info here. Available online

Po Chai Pills: These come in a box, with small bottles of pills in the box. you take one bottle per day, till you feel better. Po Chai Pills fix diarreah, upset stomach, and work pretty well on hangovers. I took these when I was in Mexico, and I was the ONLY guy on the trip that did not get the trots. I did not know there was a po chai pill song.

Gan Mao Ling: Come in a bottle of 36 yellow tablets. Good for cold and flu symptoms. Ken recommends 2 tablets per day if you are sick.

Bojenmi Tea: This is a dieter's tea, meant to flush toxins out of your system.

Tiger Balm: the Asian version of Vicks-Vapo-Rub, but without the bad childhood memories? :) Tiger Balm works great to rub on your forehead and sinuses, helps clear them out. chest too. I am told if you rub some under your nose, and are caught on a flight next to some stinkey engineers, it will help mask the smell for almost 8 hours

freakin hippie.

Guess you have forgotten Shiner and BBQ
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