Sunday, January 15, 2006


Someone pestered me today about being concerned for safety. That's what triggered this.

i like things that go "bang".

Few years ago, i was confined to bed for a few months and in my confinement I could read. that's about it. Read. Well, and barf. So Read I did. Verne, Kipling, Wells, etc. Books written as "Adventures for Boys"

These were written at a level I doubt many teens today could keep up with.

My point being, we have "dumbed down" our society in a ridiculous quest for "safety"

Guess what? Everyone Dies. No one gets of this ride alive. There is risk in life. With risk come rewards.

As we work harder and harder to make life "safe" for our kids, we are choking off creativity and learning.

Kids should blow things up. Make stuff go BOOM! Learn what does and does not work. Adults can point at the stove, repeating "don't touch, HOT!" one hundred times over. The first time a kid burns the fingertips, they comprehend hot.

We should let kids play with BB guns, Firecrackers, Chemistry Sets and pointy scissors. Safety is a cover-up for control and building a society of sedate, drugged, non-creative blobs.

Give that kid down the street some white phosphorus, he may cure a disease in the future.

But let him sit and play video games all day, and he may? what? become a good consumer? Go to the Mall, live a safe life, and help contribute to the decline of our society!

Make things go boom NOW!


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