Monday, January 16, 2006

I spent all day helping my pal Ken Armann reorganize his shop. We need to empty the office area, to rebuild it into a lounge for his wife Cindy. She had some brain issues, and is recovering, but needs constant attention.

So, many of his pals have been trying to re-work the shop

I am soo tired. lifting heavy brit bike parts all day. definite workout

Then I come home, and find insane Japanese videos.

Wrestler in red panties dancin around with a harem of insane girls

Japanese girl in Meat Hat fending off Lizards

Japanese girls attacking giant black man.

Japanese girl in Seal hat, taunting polar bears

Sara, you know, sleeps with a stuffed baby harp seal toy. Scuffy. Her dad bought Scuffy one one of their visits out here, at the monterrey aquarium. I often wake up with scuffy jammed up my nostril. Do not wear the seal hat, it looks just like Sara's stuffed animal.

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