Thursday, February 09, 2006

today was a wonderful day. Sun was out, nice and warm. Beautiful

i did wheelies and stoppies, and did not get caught

then I changed the oil in my XR!

this weekend there is a trip to JawBONE canyon in MO-Jave! woot!

Will ride ride ride.

next week may suck.

OH, and I heard that OMJ received the watch cap I sent him. This is good. warm black caps for all! (modellin mine!)

Wow, Boortz said it much better than I did. This is succinct. Muslim Outrage

Well, finally, some Muslim clerics speak out against the violence. How long will they last? When will the madness stop?

Did you know that the same newspaper that printed the Muslim cartoons refused to print a Jesus one? It does not condone what is going on but throws that free speech argument out the window.
Since when do you say "woot"?
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