Monday, February 20, 2006

When my paternal grandmother Manya died, the only item I wanted to inherit was her stove. I remember her cooking at this stove, it is my fondest memory. I will move this stove to any house I live in.

It has been undergoing a meticulous restoration since 1999, when I split with my ex-wife. Ed emailed to tell me it is done. (for those who will ask, $5500 to restore, a bargain for the comfort this memory brings me)

My plan is to drive to Austin in mid March, buy a small enclosed trailer, bring my stove (and a gun safe) back to San Jose, and remodel our kitchen to fit this stove. (I have no idea how much the remodel will cost)

Here's the pics.

That is an AMAZING stove. I am jealous.
Carlos, chinga la purga! That is nice. Money well spent; just need some cabrito & a maid and you are all set!

Mark's brother is a contractor who could do your kitchen remodel. He did Brads and Brad is very happy.
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