Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wow Charles, How did you get your dirtbike pants THAT filthy?

Well, Sara took her BMW F650 to Watsonville BMW Saturday morning, to have them diagnose & repair. So I had the day off.....

Antonio, Larissa and I went to Hollister Hills, for me to test out the new (used) KTM 300 I bought with the proceeds from the sale of my beloved ST1100 Touring bike.

The KTM weighs almost 100lbs less than my XR650. It is tiny, lightweight, very powerful.

First thing at Hollister, Antonio runs up the BIG hillclimb. Not to be left out, after riding the bike for no more than 2 minutes, I zip up the hillclimb after him. Front wheel floating, tons of power, I actually have to lean forward to keep it from flipping.


Then we rode around the upper section of the lower ranch. Out Harmony Gate, up to High Road, etc. nice trail rides. It hailed on us briefly on High Road, first time I have seen Hail in California.

I was faster than I have ever been. The bike handles wonderfully, even though the suspension has not yet been appropriately adjusted. ZOOM! Crazy fast. I am giggling and having great fun.

We PLAN to leave by 3:30, head home, get clean, and dinner with Sara at freinds place.

one quick loop in the Adobe section. down one road, and as my dad says "chalushes!" I am in a world of poop.

I won't go into the details, I will just say, I kickstarted the bike, rode 3 feet, fell down, kickstarted, rode 3 feet, fell down. It was so muddy, you could not stand.

I somehow made it up one trail, was headed to another, and got stuck in a wide, open, grassy field. And it was raining, making the adobe clay even slipperier. I'd ride a little, then fall and slide back to where I started. The bike tossed me off more times than I could count, till I ran out of gas.

Then it got dark

Then the wild pigs showed up

and I heard nothing, and had no matches. I abandoned my new-to-me covered in mud KTM 300 and walked to a trail.

Antonio had gone back to camp with Larissa, and sent the rangers looking for me. They found me at about 6:30 on quads, and got me to camp, cold, tired, wet, muddy, 7pm.

got home and showered, hot tub, movie, sleep.

Sunday morning we went to hollister, I explained where I left the bike. Off High Gate road, near the Adobe Trail intersection. They found it with a quad and trailer, and brought it back.

I was overjoyed. And have been trying to clean the mud off ever since.

the front wheel is not supposed to be THAT muddy!

who the heck buys this?

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