Monday, March 06, 2006

saturday I went to the ol Home Despot, bought wood, screws, etc, then drove it all home. Pulled both gates off the hinges and duplicated them out of new, fresh wood. Bring us FRESH wood. The gates had banged themselves to bits with the storms. they are nice and NEW now.

And maybe, just Maybe, Sara will be impressed that I can do things?

Sunday we drove to Santa Cruz, to pick up her BMW Motorcycle. New Temp sensor, and it seems to be running well.

Sunday afternoon, James & Tara hosted a pizza making party at Eric & Lissa's house. Because of the stormy weather, they were concerned having a pizza party at their house up in the hills may end up with a bunch of folks trapped up there. Personally? I don't see a problem being trapped in a house full of the Bong family. Sounds like a darn fun time.

I ate too much pizza, and feel really bloated, even today.

But it was great.

Oh, some crafty folks made a real life version of the intro to the Simpsons TV show.

Sara and I have figured out many of the details of the party to celebrate being married (NOT WEdding) I will post as soon as we finalize.

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