Thursday, April 06, 2006

Anyone know anything about this project?
it looks a bit interesting, I am considering it, thought $100 clams is a hit for me.

If only the DP1 was bright Red, and I could afford it... this is a mega cool car, ground up design, not street legal

Rode Sancho in to work today, San Jose experienced one of the first dry sunny days in a while. He is still an evil dickens, who tells me "go faster! you have TWO more gears!" I did not listen, and drove a moderate pace.

My "Amateur Craftsman's Cyclopedia of Things to Make" arrived in the mail. (I paid MUCH less than this) The instructions on how to fit out your kids room as a ship's f'castle has me intrigued! More importantly, it details out hundreds of projects that anyone SHOULD be able to build. It also shows how much we have lost as a society, because we CAN'T build these 'simple" things

TV is destroying our minds!

Sancho is the Spanish word for the guy that your wife is cheating on you with. Or in your case, the girl you're cheating on your wife with. I think the bike is appropriately named. :)
I know this. that's why he is so named.

And Sancho is actually the "mythical" guy the husband/boyfreind THINKS his significant other is cheating with.

Much more mental.....
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