Monday, April 17, 2006

I used to feel so different, so alone. But NO LONGER! There is a group of people like me. Cilantro haters of the world!

Why do people like Cilantro? It's a Mystery to me. And Speaking of Mystery, here is a cool java applet that simulates a german Enigma coding machine!

If you were really excited, you could code with the Enigman, then use the Turing Bombe simulator to decode!

I think I am beginning to think about a boat. Not a big boat, mind you, but just a little pirogue. Maybe a project for next year.

Went riding at Hollister on Saturday, then we went to Amanda's 30th birthday, then home, and had steak & eggs at the Sherwood for brekkies Sunday. GODDAMN, I did not know Marina was the OWNER!

in other news? a nice article in the Metro about Tlaquepaque.

This week will be insane, as we try to get everything together for Saturday's soiree.

I thought the Bullet was a boat?
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