Monday, May 08, 2006

Jack has posted the photos from Morro Bay. This is my favorite:


This weekend, I cannot remember most of, Saturday Sara and I ran errands, opened a JOINT account, got her a dirtbike gear bag, had some foods.

Sunday? I remember sunday. Dirtbike riding at Metcalf, 8:30am. Matt, Dan and I went in the sprinter, then met up with Antonio, Phil, Rachel, Hallie, and some others, we rode around like hooligans, it was great. Matt, Dan and I left at 11:30, stopped at the Sherwood for Steak & Eggs, then went home and cleaned bikes

Around 1:30, Antonio called and said he and the Douglas Family were coming over for a BBQ. so I ran to the store and bought some stuff to grill. It was really fun. Sara got to see the girls, we sat in the backyard and had snausages and tater salad, and topped it all off with a big watermelon!

Matt came back over, and he & I, Sara & Antonio watched the movie "hustle & flow" which was kinda wierd, but still, great to sit aorund with frineds

I gotta convince Jack to buy a dirt bike


Since you claim to not remember Saturday, I will remind you: you were a hero, once again, and came to my roadside rescue!

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