Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lissa's marvelous elephant is headed to London. As you may remember, my Minister of Information, the Brilliant Lissa Shoun brought the elephant & princess to my attention last year. Well, the troupe is headed to London.

COOL! Show those pommies a thing or two!

Don't bring them here though. they prolly will be on the "do not fly" list, with all the other criminals:

# A person with an Energy Department security clearance.

# An 82-year-old veteran who says he's never even had a traffic ticket.

# A technical director at a science and technology company who has been working with the Pentagon on chemical and biological weapons defense.

# A U.S. Navy officer who has been enlisted since 1984.

# A high-ranking government employee with a better-than-top-secret clearance who is also a U.S. Army Reserve major.

damn feds! Freedom is more important, when will people snap to this? You should not be treated like a criminal. Just for the hell of it.

and in closing, these two brilliant paragraphs form one of my brilliant freinds

"I would LOVE to turn MS into a has-been company. They single-handedly destroyed engineering ethics by releasing defective products and turning the debugging of them into a profit center. (BMW jumped on that idea with both feet.)

I've always said that if Osamu Bin-Ladin had destroyed Microsoft instead of the WTC, he'd have secretaries lining up around the world to give him blow jobs."


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