Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Robots, who already want to kill us all, now? want to have more sex than us guys!

It's creepy, cause people are building them. And didn't Nancy Regan used to have that outfit, but in blue?

What are they thinking????

Robots will conquer us all! Not even evil space robots, but ones we made!

MC Lars has it right! We must Escape, from Robot Island!

Okay, I rode the Chappy to work today, and I am just brimming full of exuberence and robotic ridiculousness.

My Sea Monkey colony is doing fantastically at work. In a 1 gallon tank, they are multiplying and growing rapidly. I am trying to think about making a seamonkey webcam! but need to learn to stream it from a linux box.

My new laptop is in. I am learning to configure it and all that jazz. More when it is working better

well, that is too much for now. Must hide before the metal ones come!

I really think you have watched way to many Terminator movies.

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