Friday, May 19, 2006

So, my great and close friend Chris in Austin wonderfully reminds me that not all police are bad, and many of them really are trying to make a difference.

I know this.

However, I am not impressed with the San Jose contribution. This story is too short on detail, but basically confirms what I have been saying. A grand jury finds that the SJ police were NOT racially profiling, but they were intimidating motorists and pedestrians.

Great. At least they are not picking out WHO they will intimidate, they are equal opportunity intimidators.

I've been telling Chris that if you happen to be in Downtown San Jose at 11pm, you get yelled at. Now seriously, I am a middle aged (i accept this now) chubby balding guy. I am NOT very threatening. Unless you may have a concealed Burrito or Ice Cream Bar....... And they holler at me. Very swank when you are entertaining out of town business guests.

"So, Charles, great dinner, thanks, but getting roughed up by the SJ Police has really not put me in the mood to talk business. Maybe you can come visit our side of the conutry, where people are civilized, and considered innocent till proven guilty, and we can see if there is a possible business synergy. Get me back to the hotel asap."

Grand jury finds no racial profiling in San Jose police nightclub stops

SAN JOSE, Calif. A report from a grand jury is providing a mixed review of the tactics of San Jose police officers.
A report released yesterday from the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury says San Jose police intimidated and stopped motorists and pedestrians without probable cause in the city's downtown nightclub district.

but Chris has reminded me, there ARE good police out there, who really do care, and try to make a better community. I wish more of them would move to San Jose.

I am heading out for the SheetIron 300. it is supposed to rain all weekend. Hooray?

San Jose cops are the WORST cops I have ever dealt with.
When I was 16, they almost gave me a ticket. For what? Loitering! In front of a coffee shop. Where I had just bought coffee, which I was drinking, in front of said coffee shop.

That coffee shop is closed now. Maybe all their customers couldn't afford coffee after getting so many tickets?

(they "let me off that time" with a written warning. fuckers.)
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