Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sorry I have been so lax in any entries. Life has been insane.

First! We had the party at the house, introduced the parents, celebrated life. It was grand. Jack took photos, and posted them here!

Then I bought the chappy 80. It's perfect to run to the grocery store for a stick of butter. Or drive to work when feeling silly. It's small, lightweight, yet scoots around at 40mph. I gave the 50cc to Dan

Last Friday we had dinner with Dale & Joan & Jack. Everyone decided the correct thing to do was ride motorcycles to Morro Bay. So we did. Of course, the long way, down Hwy 25 through Hollister to Coalinga, then out Indian Valley Road, then farther, and wilder, and eventually ended up at the masterpiece hotel.

Had dinner, went to sleep, and then rode home Sunday morning. I was very tired, my brain was not in it, so I took the "easy split" and rode 101 north from Paso Robles.

Got home, cleaned gear, went to Bucks for a BBQ. Ate sausages.

Clean Ducati. Clean

Monday, work!

note: Tia Julia speaks with Tarzan!

how to build a bomb. first, understand it. second, build it

someone buy me a gun that shoots teddy bears!

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