Monday, May 15, 2006

What a weekend. Fortunately, I did not have to fly anywhere.

Friday I was supposed to ride motorcycles with Antonio & Larissa at lunchtime, but she had a million and three tasks to do, and was late.

I really don't like it when I am late. it gives me anxiety. 12:30 means arrive at 12:30 and be ready to go. It does not mean leave the house at 12:30. Anyhow, that is a rant for another time.

Friday afternoon I drove to Port Richmond to buy a not-cracked rear rim for the XR. I will have it laced to my hub. Then I drive to San Rafael to buy a spare set of wheels. It is POSSIBLE I could have 2 sets of wheels, after I have my cracked rim relaced. But I need a wheel NOW. My plan is to sell one set after the ride. Bottom line? LOTS of driving. Was it worth it? Heck Yeah. Motorcycles are cool. Steve McQueen got it. So do I.

Friday night, I do not remember. I think we had a quiet night, and went to bed early? Maybe?

Saturday morning involved some working on motorcycles, changing tires, swapping wheels, cleaning, etc., running an errand or two, and getting gas for the sprinter. Many gas stations now cut you off at $50. Which will not fill up the sprinter. I had to re-card swipe, and put MORE in. Damn. :(

Saturday evening, we had dinner with Dale & Joan. He cooked. Which is really all you have to say, as Dale is a brilliant cook. But just to make you unhappy, I will tell you what all he cooked.

First, olives & nuts as a counter appetizer. And I mixed Mexican Martinis. From the Cedar Door, Austin, Texas recipe. Then he grilled some pizzas. one with onions and veggies, and one with meat & cheese.

Then grilling commences. Lambchops, giant skrimps, scallops, on a bed of a thai style coleslaw

desert? lemon merengue pie.

oh my god.

Sunday morning, I pick up Matt, then we go grab Dale, and head to Metcalf for an hour ride. I need to see how the XR is handling, and get ready for the SheetIron 300 next weekend.

We ride some, then I fall right on my ass. I mean on my ass. Bars up, looking at gas tank, slip and BAM! ass.

bent the bars, boinked the triple clamp, busted keester.

Get back to parking lot, pack everything up, and head to the Sherwood for Steak & Eggs. Drop Dale at home, then Matt, then I go home. See Sara, smooch smooch, then unload and clean everything up.

By this time? it is HOT outside. Not TEXAS hot, but hot like, Charles is now a big baby and does not like the heat.

So I let everyhting dry off, and I take a shower and chat up Sara.

Tia Julia comes by to talk baby shower plans with Sara. So I go to the garage and begin damage control on the XR. I manage to fix almost everyhting. I have spare handlebars at the house, so I swap them, straighten the forks, pull the headlight, and zip tie the broken housing back together. New turn signal lens (in a box of spares) work work work, and it is done.

I go inside, clean up, and am pleased. Sara wants to cook 2 of the salmons we did at the Super Suppers thing. But? it is frozen, and she left it in the fridge to defrost. No, it does not work that way.

So we ordered Pizza from our favorite pizza joint, watched teevee, then a movie, then went to bed.

Last night it was hot in our house. Hot and muggy and not nice for sleeping.

It is cool outside, but hot inside. I want to investigate getting a whole house attic fan installed.

I also want the new Smith & Wesson X-Frame model 500 it makes Dirty Harry's gun look positively small.

Now? work.

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