Thursday, June 22, 2006

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So I sent my good pal Flash a link about a poor biker in Colorado gettin zapped by Lightnin

and he replied:

That ain't nothin'... when your number is up, it is fuckin' UP.
(from my archives...)

Denver Post, July 17, 1993
by Tracy Seipel

Commerce City, CO -

In a freak tragedy yesterday, a 40-pound dog fell off a railroad
bridge and struck a motorcyclist passing below, causing the crash
that killed him.

Kelly Cordry, 39, of Aurora died after the dog caused him to go out
of control. Witnesses saw Cordry's motorcycle slam into the highway
median and watched as his body hurled straight into the path of an
oncoming semi-tractor trailer.

"I've been in law enforcement for 22.5 years, and I've never heard
of anything like this happening before," said Elaine Rowe, community
policing coordinator for Commerce City. According to traffic
investigators and an account by four eyewitnesses, Kelly was driving
his 1981 BMW motorcycle northbound in the 6700 block of U.S. 85 just
before 10 a.m.

The dog, a black mixed-breed with no tags, apparently had made his
way onto a railroad bridge above the highway, climbed onto the
bridge's narrow wall, and fell over. "They said the dog hit the
motorcycle in front and threw him off balance, and he ran into the
median," Rowe said of witness accounts. "He (Cordry) kind of skidded
along the northbound median and then... was thrown into oncoming
traffic from the southbound lane. That's when the semi hit him," she

"It's so incredibly unusual that an accident like this would occur,"
said Rowe, because the highway - a popular route for trucks -
usually is not busy at that time.

The injured dog was taken to the Adams County animal control center
with instructions to put it to sleep if it was seriously injured.
Its condition was not known.

"I think it was a real weird accident. I think God chose this time
for him. It was his time to go," said Cordry's mother Ann, who lives
in Farmington, NM.

She said her son, a mechanic, and her 4-year-old grandson Brian had
just visited her last weekend. "It was wonderful," she recalled.
"Kelly was careful on a motorcycle. This was an unavoidable

When Cordry's aunt, Evelyn Cordry, heard how her nephew was killed
on a motorcycle she snorted.

"Oh that damn motorcycle! I have a thing about motorcycles... you're
a damn fool to ride 'em," said the aunt, who called her nephew "such
a good looking fellow."

The Farmington resident said Kelly's death yesterday also marked the
25th anniversary of her husband's death.

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